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Jim America - Senior HR Consultant

Email: |Tel. (256) 656-8496 | Huntsville, Alabama 

Jim America is a Senior HR Consultant with PassionHR with over 25 years of work experience as a visionary top HR and Corporate Administrative Executive who has led HR functions in empowering organizations, leaders, teams, and employees through training, mentoring, and coaching. 


He has proven expertise in implementing business strategies and aligning strategies and action plans so managers and shop-floor leaders can increase organizational efficiency, productivity gains, individual job performance, and profitability. 


Jim has the ability to assist business owners, managers, and leaders create a workplace culture in which their organizations can excel, and he has direct hands-on leadership experience to enable business owners to leverage their organizational strengths, drive process improvement, improve workplace safety performance, and effectively manage the talent in their organizations. 


Jim has proven results in empowering business owners, managers, and leaders to address their evolving company objectives and needs in a fast-paced, and changing marketplace. With multi-industry and international business experience, and a strong IT systems accruement, Jim has tackled and successfully completed HR and workplace engagement projects of varying intensity and type. 


Jim is an asset to our company, has a wealth of knowledge of the industry, and is ready to assist in all our HR needs!

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