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Raquel Eplin - Human Resources Recruiter

Email: | Tel. (256) 665-5966 | Huntsville, Alabama 

Raquel Eplin is an HR Recruiter at PassionHR. Her years of experience in persuasive communication studies, research development, keen attention to detail, and proficiency in the latest HRIS, make her an expert in placing the ideal candidates to meet your business needs!

She specializes in recruitment, talent acquisition, data mining, research, and client services.  Raquel’s particular knack for operating our applicant tracking systems combined with her ability to connect with people of all ages, is only a part of what makes her vital to our team. 

Raquel earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Media from Georgia Southwestern State University and focused on Interpersonal Communication & Technology, HR, Digital Media, and Film Production. She has over a year spent working in Payroll Processing, Employee Onboarding, and Talent Acquisition. She has also obtained over 3 years of experience in Office Management, Client Relations, and Film Production Management. 
Moreover, at a young age Raquel was taught to love others and work hard, and she holds fast to that belief. On weekends, you can find her shooting a short film, outdoors playing soccer & disc golf, or spending time with her family. Raquel has an orange kitty named Fawkes and a big family of five sisters and two parents.

“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”
Thomas Edison 


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