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Compensation and Employee Benefits

Power within the job market has since shifted from employers, giving employees the opportunity to explore the market.

In today’s economy, it is imperative that an employer offers employees what they are looking for. Happy employees are an essential first step for the success of any organization. Employees are the driving force for customer relations, product distribution, growth, and every other aspect of your company’s day-to-day operation. A well-defined compensation plan can help with recruitment and retention of qualified applicants and employees into your organization.

Having the right tools and information readily available is critical to making informed compensation decisions for your employees.

Why is a good compensation, benefits and rewards strategy important?

Having the right compensation and benefit strategy ensure that hard-working employees are rewarded fairly, but also in the most cost-effective way for the organization. This is critical for employee retention and maintaining a good company culture, morale, and employee engagement. One of the main reasons people target specific jobs are because of salary, benefits and incentive packages. PassionHR can help devise policies and strategies for your organizations salary, bonus and incentive plans, and benefit packages. These might include:

  • Salaries & Bonuses

  • Commission

  • Company Cars

  • Pensions

  • Life Insurance

  • Profit Sharing

  • Medical and Dental plans

  • Stock options

  • Vacation time / PTO

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How does your employee benefits strategy compare?

Benefits plans are often called the “Hidden” paycheck.  Is your current benefits package generous or lacking? Whether or not your goal is to attract the most qualified employees or boost company morale, employees expect now a days a comprehensive benefit package. A solid benefit strategy and compensation plan offers up several advantages that you, as an employer, can benefit from as well when your employees take advantage of the benefits to their full potential. You will be able to attract the top talent in your field. Most employees know what they want in a benefits package and having a strategy in place that is attractive and competitive can give you the edge in the industry.

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