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Our PassionHR Consulting Team

At PassionHR we understand running a business can be hard. Recruiting employees, managing talent, legal compliance and other areas of human resource (HR) management can be particularly challenging.

PassionHR is here to help with customized solutions designed to address your unique Human Resources needs. We listen to understand your requirements and make sure our HR guidance, on-site engagement, special projects, and other services are performed to your satisfaction. We take pride in our work, performing each task with competence, confidence and integrity.

Meet Our Team

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Mike is the President and owner of PassionHR. He has over 25 years of hands-on, day-to-day HR leadership at all levels within the organizations he has served.

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As the VP of Human Resources Consultant, Toi Batts Garth has 27 years of hands-on HR experience.

She specializes in HR operations, generalist duties, recruitment, training, mergers, acquisitions, employee relations, employee and management development, talent identification, HR analysis, and strategic planning.

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Stephanie is PassionHR's Vice President of Recruiting Services. She has numerous years of experience helping individuals realize their potential level of functioning in relation to vocational preparation and employment decision-making.
Cathy Hulsey
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 Cathy E. Hulsey is an award-winning Senior HR Consultant at PassionHR. With over 25 years of management experience and at least 10 of those years in an executive leadership role in both the Public and Private Sector.
Johnny Giles
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Johnny is an experienced Senior HR Consultant at PassionHR.  He is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources and has more than 30 years of experience in Human Resources, including 20 years as an officer in the Air Force and 10 years in Executive Leadership roles in the public and private sectors.
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Jim America is a Senior HR Consultant with PassionHR. With direct hands-on leadership experience, Jim enables business owners to leverage their organizational strengths, drive process improvement, improve workplace safety performance, and effectively manage the talent in their organizations.

Cindy Doty
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Cindy Doty is Senior HR Consultant with experience in human resource management and employee benefits compliance. Cindy has over 30 years of HR management experience, including 7 years as an HR and employee benefits consultant.
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Alissa has joined our team as an HR Administrator. With her expertise in compliance knowledge, bookkeeping, and account management, she has proven herself to aid our team and clients with payroll and tax compliance.
Leslie Moody
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Leslie Moody is PassionHR’s Opportunity Specialist. She specializes in recruiting and business development. Leslie’s strength is developing relationships with job seekers to connect them with opportunities that serve the needs of our clients.
Raquel Eplin
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Raquel Eplin is an HR Recruiter at PassionHR. Her years of experience in persuasive communication studies, research development, keen attention to detail, and proficiency in the latest HRIS, make her an expert in placing the ideal candidates to meet your business needs!

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