Talent Management

The purpose of talent management is about more than just attracting and retaining talent. It also encompasses researching, developing, and implementing a series of human resource (HR) initiatives and how they fit together allowing for alignment of talent with the business initiatives.

The development of an Integrated Talent Management Program (ITMP) can be utilized by an organization as a strategic initiative to address critical business success factors. Alignment of an organization’s talent and business goals should be  a priority to ensure a business succeeds.

What are the benefits of effective Talent Management?

Organizations with the ability to effectively manage their talent, provide several benefits to the employee and the client with whom the organization serves. Companies that effectively manage their talent have seen:

  • Increases in employee productivity

  • Support for effective workforce planning

  • Assist in developing talent pools within the organization

  • Richer career development and management programs

  • Business continuity

  • Employee engagement efforts

  • Employee alignment with organizational goals

At PassionHR, we strongly believe that an engaged and productive workforce begins with people. Attracting and hiring great employees is critical, but only the first step.

It is important to continue developing, engaging, and retaining people in a way that matches individual career interests alongside the needs and priorities of the organization.

A clear understanding of the organization’s current and future business strategies.

A sound talent management plan should be integrated with other strategic business plans.

Business impact and workforce velocity measurement both during and after implementation to gauge effectiveness.

Identification of gaps between the talent needed and the talent in place of an organization that is required to drive business success.

A focus on the elements required for successful execution of the talent strategy.

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Human Resource Management, Human Capital Management, and Talent Management – how is it done? What is needed?

Talent management should be a core part of any organization—hard-wired into the fabric and operations of an organization’s most essential functions. Supporting your employees in reaching their full potential, and helping managers become better leaders, will only strengthen an organization's ability to lay the foundation for growth and success of a business moving forward.

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