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Human Resource Audit & Risk Management Services

Power within the job market has since shifted from employers, giving employees the opportunity to explore the market.

Human Resource Audit

A Human Resource Audit is the comprehensive method by which objective and systematic verification of current policies, documentation, practices, and procedures are prevalent within the HR system of an organization or business. While not a mandatory audit like financial ones, many organizations are opting for a regular HR audit to examine their existing HR system which includes an organizations policies, objectives, and legal requirements. Performing an HR audit is an effective way to minimize the risk of lawsuits, human rights complaints and other forms of potential employee recourse.


A typical HR Audit includes: 


  • Documentation & policies

  • Job descriptions

  • Recruitment and selection

  • Employee compensation and benefits

  • Career management and growth

  • Training and development

  • Employee relations

  • Performance and evaluation processes

  • Termination

  • Leave and absence policies

  • Key performance indicators

  • HR information systems

PassionHR Services

Every organization is unique, so every audit is approached and handled on a case by case basis.

Our professional HR team will work diligently with management to determine the scope and depth of the audit allowing your organization the flexibility to determine what is important to evaluate.

Risk Management Services

The purpose of risk management is to identify risk, minimize the negative impact of accidental loss and to protect employees and physical property of an organization. PassionHR takes a proactive approach to risk management and workplace safety so employees may have a safe work environment. Your PassionHR manager will take measures to ensure your business remains safe and compliant with: 


  • Safety audits

  • Safety program implementation strategy, guidance, and training

  • OSHA record keeping

  • Post-accident investigations

  • Workers’ compensation and claims resolution

  • Unemployment Claims

  • Employee dishonesty

  • Workplace investigations

  • General and professional liability


Effective risk management takes more than just expert knowledge. It takes a tenacious effort to proactively identify problem areas, monitor strategies, and protect income streams.

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