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Leslie Moody - Director of Opportunity

Email: | Tel. (256) 665-5966 | Huntsville, Alabama 

What is a Director of Opportunity? Leslie’s title comes from her appreciation for her own life and career opportunities and a desire to help other people connect with theirs- whether it be a business’s owners’ opportunity to create a team and culture that executes their vision, or a job seeker’s opportunity to work in a position that fulfills them and improves their life.


Inquisitive nature and more than two decades of sales, communication, strategy development, and operations experience, enable Leslie to understand and internalize the unique offerings and challenges of each business and discover ways that PassionHR can help achieve their goals. If the need is recruiting, she connects them with team members who possess the skills and experience needed for a role, but additionally, fit their team and culture. She enjoys getting to know the person behind a resume and strives to leave every job candidate with mentoring and insight that will benefit them beyond the position at hand and throughout their career.


Leslie received a practical education in brand representation and public relations as a cheerleader for the University of Alabama, where she majored in American Studies and minored in English.

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Leslie Moody - Coffee & Hustle Podcast

What is an
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