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7 Risky Ways Social Media Can Affect Your Job

A large portion of the world’s population finds it difficult to live without having an active social media presence. You will come across several friends who love posting their selfies, vacation photos or just everyday life. There are a multitude of social media platforms to choose from, but Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are a few of the most popular medias. Though it might be great for your overall personality development, excessive exposure to social media interaction may hamper both your professional as well as personal life. PassionHR Consulting is passionate about assisting you in pursuing your career goals. We know many job seekers want to keep their private lives private, but many companies these days are checking your online profiles. Thinking ahead and being smart about what you post to social media platforms now may enhance your career opportunities in the future.

Some recruiters may use social media profiles to get an idea of your character and your personality, so it is better to use social media strategies to project your positive image. However, even a single slip-up might cost you the entire career of your life due to negative social media interaction. If you are employed and your social media actions are negatively impacting your work, it might cost you your job. A good rule of thumb is to never say anything online that you wouldn’t say face to face.

How Social Media Impact Can Save Your Online Profile

Here are some of the common negative social media mistakes that you must avoid to possibly save your job status or professional career.

1. Being Insulting, Combative, or Dramatic: You must refrain yourself from being too insulting or dramatic while posting anything on a social media platform. There are instances when you may wish to lash out on social media about your frustration or anger. Whether personal or professional, try keeping it to yourself and avoid posting it online on different social media channels.

2. Showing Off Too Much Wealth: Even if you are the CEO or Founder of the company, there is no point flaunting your wealth or expensive purchases. This serves as a great turn-off in your professional image among your office peers.

3. Constant Complaining: There could be a high chance that you are not content with your work or boss. However, it is better to avoid taking it to the online platform to complain about your current position or boss. Try to refrain from these type of posts to maintain your good professional image at your workplace.