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Is Your Resume Keeping You From Getting Hired?

Looking for a new job can be an extremely stressful process. From finding the best job openings, to making the best impression during the interview, job hunting is not always for the faint of heart. At PassionHR, our experienced professionals know that when it comes to landing that dream career, you could win or lose the position before you’ve ever walked through the front door. The resume that you submit could be throwing up red flags without you even knowing it and could be sabotaging you from the very beginning.

By definition a resume is “a brief written account of personal, educational, and professional qualifications and experience, as that prepared by an applicant for a job.” Sounds simple doesn’t it? However, there are some common mistakes that applicants make that, if corrected, can make all the difference in landing the position.

Spell Check, Spell Check, Spell Check!

It may sound obvious, but time and time again we see the simplest of mistakes on resumes. Whether it’s your spelling or your grammar, making mistakes like these demonstrate to potential employers a lack of attention and being detail oriented. There are many sites and apps that do nothing but check for these mistakes. Filter your content through one of these or even have a friend look it over. Whatever method you choose, make sure to do it on the final, final draft. Going back and fine tuning has tripped up many a “careful” person.

While we’re on spelling and grammar, let’s also talk about the way your resume looks upon first glance. No Human Resources manager wants to look at a resume that is done in off-the-wall fonts and styles, nor would they want to read the ‘War and Peace’ version of your credentials. Whether you consult the experts at PassionHR or go through a website, make sure the format of your resume is easy to read and concise. Be thorough with your information but don’t expand to the point of writing a book.

When it comes to resumes, we all want to make ourselves sound perfect for the job and put our best foot forward, but DON’T LIE!
Tell the Truth - Is Your Resume Keeping You From Getting Hired?

Don’t Play the Spy

In some businesses, trade secrets are closely guarded and the employees are held to higher standards. One of the safeguards commonly used in professional circles is a Nondisclosure Agreement. Basically, this is an agreement made between the employer and employee that says the employee will not disclose any details or practices to other people or companies. If you have signed one of these, you should honor it. Trying to make yourself sound better or more important by sharing this information with potential employers makes them wonder if you’ll do the same to them.

Tell the Truth

When it comes to resumes, we all want to make ourselves sound perfect for the job and put our best foot forward, but DON’T LIE! We teach our kids to be honest and always tell the truth but when it comes to ourselves it seems to be a different set of rules. Applicants will inflate grades and test scores. Some will expand the amount of years they were at a previous employer or take credit for work not their own. It doesn’t matter if it’s a “little white lie” or a complete fabrication of experience, lies always have a way of coming back to you and never in a good way.

The job search, application process and resume preparation are all part of the fast paced career world. Take time to slow down, do your research and proceed carefully. Avoiding these resume pitfalls can help you land the job of your dreams. Need more help or guidance? Contact our team at PassionHR and let us help you find your way through the employment maze!


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