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Temp-to-Hire is an Effective Way to Hire Quality Employees

Temp-to-Hire is an Effective Way to Hire Quality Employees
Temp-to-Hire is an Effective Way to Hire Quality Employees

What is Temp-to-Hire?

Temp-to-Hire is an excellent way for companies to fill their open positions quickly and efficiently. In addition, this employment arrangement allows employers to assess potential employees' skills, commitment, and performance before making a long-term commitment.

A trial period refers to an initial period of employment where no formal contract is signed. Companies may offer short-term agreements that do not meet the criteria for a permanent hire. While there is no set trial period, it typically lasts for a few months to a year. After the trial period, the manager can continue the employment with a formalized contract, and the trial part is typically at least 90 days.

Most temp-to-hire positions usually have a probationary period lasting approximately 90 days, depending on your performance and the hiring company's needs. This time is when to prove yourself dependable, punctual, and efficient.

PassionHR can help organizations find the right fit for their company, with temp-to-hire employees eager to prove themselves in a job setting. It is an ideal way to find the perfect employee while providing job opportunities that can lead to successful career paths. Companies can hire temp-to-hire employees through PassionHR, a staffing agency specializing in temporary employment. Over the years, we have successfully connected the right employee for the job. Contact us today to find the best candidate for the position in your company.

Why Hire PassionHR

PassionHR is a staffing agency dedicated to your success. We provide full-service employment solutions and recruiting and screening services to attract and hire top talent. From warehouse and skilled labor to clerical and professional staffing, PassionHR helps organizations streamline their talent acquisition process and find candidates that will succeed in the organization.


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